Ball Bearings FAQ & Answers

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The Anatomy of a Ball Bearing

Ball bearings can be made by several materials, but the common bearing is made out of high carbon ferroalloy chromium steel. The steel comes in the form of a rolled up wire where fixed-length pieces of steel are cut to be used to create the bearing. Cutting the steal wire The steel wire is pumped […]

What Is A Linear Motion Ball Bearing?

Linear motion bearings are regular ball bearings but are used in linear slide components. They help control electronic or mechanical components that move in a linear direction, be able to bear heavy loads with high efficiency, and minimal friction. These components generally consist of a movable part containing bearings, which are integrated into a guide […]

Can Bearings And Bearing Housing Be Over Greased?

When greasing and lubricating ball bearings you have to be careful not to over do it. Over-greasing a bearing can cause the bearing to push the grease out of the bearing housing, increase temperatures and create a substantial loss of energy. Over-greased bearings can cause excessively high operating temperatures, damage seals, and cause energy complications […]

What Are Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor rollers are mostly used in warehouses and distribution centres. They are cylindrically shaped material handling components that can be found in airports, and other industrial settings. Each individual roller is powered by AC or DC power, and is mounted into a sturdy metal frame. Rollers can be used alone, or in conjunction with a […]

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