What Is A Linear Motion Ball Bearing?

Posted Friday, February 21st, 2020 | 724 views

Linear motion bearings are regular ball bearings but are used in linear slide components. They help control electronic or mechanical components that move in a linear direction, be able to bear heavy loads with high efficiency, and minimal friction.

Digital calipers with bearingsThese components generally consist of a movable part containing bearings, which are integrated into a guide rail. There are 5 types of rolling elements which are ball bearing slides, roller slides, dovetail slides, compound slides and rack slides.

Examples of components or tools using linear motion include:

  • digital callipers
  • cutting machinery
  • linear actuators
  • slide pot
  • belt drives
  • cad drawing tools
  • linear rail kits

The primary direction of a linear component is left to right/up and down and usually in a straight line, but can be used in curved linear rails. Curved rails can be used in curved machine housings, sliding door systems, and packaging units. These are distinguished as square or rounded rail guides.


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