Bearings and Belting

Bearings for belting and conveyorsNorfolk Bearings Inc. is the choice roller bearings suppliers in Simcoe Ontario. We offer an extensive range of conveyor products that are critical to your plant’s operation and are supported by technical expertise that always ensure value and proper function.

We produce belting products and modifications that include: vulcanizing, mechanical fasteners, cleats, guides, grooves and punching for:

  • Elevator Belting
  • Cleated Conveyor Belting
  • Food Handling Belting
  • Perforated Conveyor Belting
  • Conveyor Roller Bearings
  • Smooth Running Conveyor Rollers
  • Drum Pulleys
  • Wing Pulleys
  • Re-Lagg Services

Why Choose Us For Bearings & Belting

We supply bearings for most commercial and industrial conveyor belts which are designed for virtually any applications. We provide new and replacement components and parts while providing you the best customer service in the bearing industry. We will help you determine which belts, fastening systems, drives and chains will optimize your material handling operations.

We provide a solution that reduces your total cost by combining our product offerings, technical expertise and supply chain solutions in one simple, effective and compelling choice. See the benefits below:

  • Reducing production rejects or material waste
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance cost
  • Reduce inventory requirements through standardization
  • Reduce replacement costs through longer life alternatives
  • Reduce operating costs through energy efficient components

We provide custom on-site fabrication, custom sidewall and custom cleat configurations for an array of industries and light or heavy applications.

Get in Touch With Us

For more information about our bearings and conveyor belting solutions, call Norfolk Bearings today at 519 426-7560 or visit our contact page to leave us an instant message.

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