Chemical Cleaners and Lubricants

We supply a range of chemical cleaners, degreasers and high-performance synthetic lubricants that lasts longer than traditional lubricants. We help you meet sanitation standards and stay in compliance, and help your employees maintain hygiene in the workplace. Our cleaning supplies help you tackle the grime that could create workplace hazards or minimize the efficiency of your equipment.

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The Benefits of Professional Cleaning Supplies

  • Reduce workplace injuries: professional cleaning supplies are great in helping avoid workplace injuries by reducing slippery or sticky surfaces, cleaning debris and other potential hazards.
  • Less employee stress: No clutter around the workspace equals no stress for employees. Cleaning up the work area with janitorial or industrial cleaning supplies improves the workspace and production.
  • Increased professionalism: A clean work environment promotes a sense of professionalism and gives your customers confidence that your company is sanitary and cares for the cleanliness of the premises.

Chemical Cleaners & Degreasers

The cleaning solutions we supply are formulated to thoroughly clean tough grease, oils and built-up grime.  And with Walter’s corrosion protection line of products, you can ensure the products you expose to the harsh environment will be protected.

We supply the following chemical cleaners and degreasers:

  • Air Force Industrial Strength cleaner/degreaser
  • Contact Clean Nonflammable electronics and electrical equipment cleaner
  • SLAP SHOT PL™ evaporating parts cleaner/degreaser

Machine Parts Lubricants

Our lubricants are specially manufactured to reduce tool wear and improve production rate. We offers a comprehensive line of industrial lubricants that prevent wear and friction for your equipment. Our lubricants are great for home and general purpose equipment, heavy equipment, high-load and increase your equipment’s service life.

We supply the following parts lubricants:

  1. BOLT-OUT™ Penetrating lubricant
  2. CHAIN GANG™ High load chain lubricant
  3. Cold Shock™ Shock-freezing lubricant
  4. FOOD ZONE™ Food grade general purpose lubricant
  5. OPEN GEAR™ High-load drive lubricant
  6. ROCK’N ROLL™ Ceramic anti-seize lubricant

Other Products in Stock

If you do not see the lubricants, chemical cleaners or degreasers that you generally use on this page, simply call us at 519-426-7560 to find out the other products we stock. If necessary we will source your favourite product for you.


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