Mechanical Power Transmission

Mechanical power transmission productsWe manufacture a diverse range of custom mechanical power transmission products that optimize plant operations.

  • Belt Drive Components, Sheaves and V-Belts
  • Chain Drive Components, Roller Chain and Sprockets
  • Tensioners, Tighteners and Idlers
  • Clutches and Brakes
  • Bushings
  • Couplings and Universal Joints
  • Gear Reducers
  • Open Gears
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Speed Reducers

Our range of mechanical power transmission products is supported by technical expertise that provides value for money, fit to function and fit to environment. We ensure our customers achieve their cost savings and reach their reliability targets.

Roller Chains & Attachments

We manufacture roller chains and attachments in many various types, sizes, and varieties and can supply standard or custom-made engineering class chains designed for every application.

Clutches And Brakes

Our clutch and brake products can be applied to an array of applications, i.e. lifts and elevators, material handling products, tension control systems, automotive systems, aviation systems, defense systems, aerospace systems, medical environments, printing or packaging industries and much more.


We manufacture couplings that can meet almost any requirement including chain couplings, disc couplings, flexible couplings, gear, grid, jaw couplings and universal joints. Our couplings provide more flexibility, facilitate lower maintenance, high torque load protection. We will develop a coupling that will suit your every need.

Drive Belts

We manufacture a full range of V-Belts to our synchronous drive belts that reduce downtime and energy consumption.


We manufacture a wide variety of gears from helical, bevel, spur, worm gears and custom-made gears created according to your specifications.

Speed Reducers

We manufacture a range speed reducers including bevel, concentric, in-line, cycloidal, helical, parallel shaft, shaft mount, planetary, right angle and worm.


We manufacture a variety of custom sheaves, pulleys and associated components. Our variable speed sheaves and pulleys can be made with various materials and are backed by on-going technical support.


We manufacture a wide variety of application-matched, shaft-ready sprockets and provide re-bores, alterations and made-to-order sprockets available in split taper, shear pin, taper lock and minimum or finished bore types.

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