Ball Bearing Seals & Gaskets Supply

Bearing gasket exampleWe supply bearing seals to protect tapered, spherical, cylindrical and double-row bearings from grease loss and contamination. Shop sheave and excluder bearing seals, zero-friction bearing seals, hand-install bearing seals, oil seals and much more. We have hundreds of designs to fit all types of bearings.

We supply the following bearing seals and more:

  • Contact or lip seals
  • Non-contact seals
  • Bearing isolators
  • Labyrinth rubber seals
  • Non-rubbing seals
  • Double lip rubber seals
  • Rubbing seals
  • Felt seals
  • Shrouded seals
  • Gap seals

Our bearing seals are manufactured to close the spaces between stationary and moving components in mechanical equipment, helping prevent lubricant escape. Bearing seals prevent contaminants from entering machinery and protect all types of precision-constructed roller bearings.

We supply ball and roller bearings with different types of closures and seals which extend the life of the bearing. Norfolk Bearings offers the largest selection of bearing kits and gasket/seal kits in Southern Ontario. When it comes to ball bearing gaskets and seals, we have them all.


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