What Are Conveyor Rollers

Posted Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 | 786 views

Conveyor rollers are mostly used in warehouses and distribution centres. They are cylindrically shaped material handling components that can be found in airports, and other industrial settings. Each individual roller is powered by AC or DC power, and is mounted into a sturdy metal frame. Rollers can be used alone, or in conjunction with a conveyor belt.

Conveyor roller exampleThe primary function of a conveyor roller is to transport objects to and from various parts of an industrial complex, and is usually set up in continuous flow settings.

They can move objects over long and short distances, and up or down different heights or levels. Each roller is powered individually which makes it easier to repair malfunctioning conveyors.

Types of conveyor rollers

There are various kinds of conveyor rollers, each manufactured differently and with various features and strengths. Generally, there are belt conveyors and powered roller conveyors.

The following are some common roller conveyors:

  • Belt
  • Roller
  • Powered Roller
  • Slat/Apron
  • Ball Transfer
  • Magnetic
  • Bucket
  • Chute
  • Drag/Chain/Tow
  • Overhead
  • Pneumatic/Vacuum
  • Screw/Auger
  • Vertical
  • Vibrating
  • Walking Beam
  • Wheel

Click the following link for a complete list of conveyor rollers available.


Conveyor rollers can be programmed to run at specific speeds and velocity. They can be shaped in straight lines, angled and curved, as z-frames, and shaped into other custom shapes.


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